My name is Marius Ladio II. I'm the head of product design and the principal UX designer at YOYO.

Since 2008, I've helped businesses (mostly startups) to craft thoughtful, emotional experiences through strategy, brand development, and visual designs.

I've led projects through UX and UI design cycles, built connections in the UX community, and created experiences that have touched millions of people.

My other creative interests include mobile photography, illustrating, painting, doodleing, and video editing.

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I discover insights through user research

I conduct design thinking workshops and empathy mapping sessions with the product team. We put ourselves in the users' shoes, then work on design that better meets their needs.

We list and define as many elements as we can - people (personas), places, experiences, areas of interest and extremes. We look for characteristics that are related and can be explored.

Design Thinking Workshops
Empathy Mapping Sessions
User Interviews

I create precise documents

Beautiful and accurate documents can help illustrate user journeys, process flows, and research outcomes.

Complex problems become easier to understand and solutions present themselves.

Empathy Maps
User Journey Maps
Competitor Analysis
Screen Flows

I create prototypes, test, and iterate

A prototype transforms an idea into something tangible and “experiment-able”.

I use different tools and techniques based on a situation. I prototype with Marvel to demonstrate the flow. I use Flinto or Origami to show micro-interactions. I also use physical paper for really rapid prototyping.

I build prototypes to learn, solve conflicting ideas, start conversations and manage the building process. It helps the team to fail fast to learn fast.

I test these design solutions with real people. We test to refine prototypes and solutions, to learn more about the user, to find out what works, and what needs to change. I iterate this process until it's time to finalise the design interaction.

Paper Prototypes
Marvel Prototype
Origami Prototype

I design delightful digital products

I believe good design should anticipate needs, engage and delight users for the right reasons, and be invisible at all other times.

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